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SUSHy project

Full title

SUStainability development and cost-reduction of hybrid renewable energies powered Hydrogen stations by risk-based multidisciplinary approaches


sustainability development, hybrid renewable energies, hydrogen fuelling station, multidisciplinary approach, uncertainty, risk


April 2022 - March 2025

Institutions involved


The project investigates economical and risk-related problems with hydrogen refueling stations. The analysis concerns clean and efficient ways to produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources. It also includes a detailed research on the hydrogen storage. The research in this field uses a multidisciplinary approach focused on emergency response systems, operational and organizational safety, risk assessment and risk perception in society.





Presentation of the topics that are analyzed in or related to the SUSHy project.

Part 1: Why Hydrogen?

Introduction to the project and the meaning of the SUSHy acronym. Also, hydrogen in energy storage systems.


Part 2: Hydrogen in Transportation

The advantages of electric vehicles fueled with hydrogen over battery-powered cars.